Fixed drug eruption associated with fixed combination of fluoroquinolone-nitroimidazole

R. Meenakshi, S. Nitya, S. Kiruthika, M. Shanthi


Fixed drug eruptions (FDE) are cutaneous adverse drug reaction characterized by well demarcated erythematous plaques which on removal of the offending agent resolves with residual hyperpigmentation patches at the site. FDE to nitroimidazoles and fluoroquinolones have nevertheless been infrequently reported. Awareness about the adverse reaction to the fluoroquinolone-nitroimidazole combination drug and also the likelihood of recurrence with same or similar drugs and the possible cross reaction is eminent. Hereby we report one such case of FDE to ciprofloxacin/tinidazole combination.


FDE, ciprofloxacin, Tinidazole

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