A study of antibiotic used in paediatric inpatients at Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences, Manipur: a retrospective study

Laitonjam Jonita Devi, Varkung Valte, Oinam Joychandra


Background: The therapy of antibiotics among the paediatric patients may produce any type of adverse effects as the organs of infants and children are immature and the genetic constituents are also not fully known. The empirical use of antibiotic may also produce antibiotic resistance. Aim was to study the prescribing pattern of antibiotics among the paediatric patients.

Methods: It was a retrospective, observational study for a period of six months. The collected data included age, sex, diagnosis and line of management. Generic name and average cost of treatment per patient was evaluated by using CIMS 2019 and Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pariyojna. The descriptive statistics was applied for the detail data analysis.

Results: Bed head tickets (BHTs) of 560 inpatients was examined. The common diagnosis were AGE (193; 34.4%) and ARI (60; 10.7%). The route of administration were oral 279 (49.8%) and parenteral 281 (50.1%). The duration of hospital stay were in between 5 days (141; 25.1%) to 7 days (61; 10.8%). The minimum and maximum age of the patient were 3 months and 12 years respectively. The most common antibiotic used was ceftriaxone and metronidazole. The number of patient received single antibiotic was 295 (52.6%) and multiple used was 265 (47.3%). The number of antibiotic prescribed from NLEM and Pariyojna were 9 and 13 respectively. The average cost of treatment per patient was Rs. 345.00 (CIMS) and Rs. 119.90 (Pariyojna) approximately.

Conclusions: The antibiotics prescribed by generic name was not satisfactory. The proposal for wide awareness programme may be suggested to the concerned authority for improving the prescribing practice among the physicians at different levels.


Antibiotic, BHTs, Generic, NLEM, Parenteral, Prescription

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Dr. Monica Bhatia, CIMS July to october ;2019.