A questionnaire based study to assess feedback on teaching methodology and evaluation methods in pharmacology


  • Balabalajee J. Department of Pharmacology, Sri Venkateshwaraa Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Ariyur, Puducherry, India
  • Sakthibalan M. Department of Pharmacology, Sri Venkateshwaraa Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Ariyur, Puducherry, India
  • Meher B. R. Department of Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India




Evaluation, Feedback, Pharmacology, Teaching methodology, Questionnaire


Background: The reviewing of teaching and evaluation methods by feedback from students and modification is very important for further development and restructuring of medical education in future. The curriculum that we follow needs to be assessed periodically as it highlights the strengths as well as points out the fallacies, which are required to improve the medical teaching.

Methods: The present study was carried out at Sri Venkateshwaraa Medical College Hospital and Research Centre in a total of 100 third year MBBS students. Pre-validated questionnaire was used. Suggestions were also enquired regarding the modifications needed in pharmacology teaching methods.

Results: Out of the topic of interest in pharmacology, CNS ranks first with 28%, followed by CVS with 20%. Regarding the topic to be added in regular Pharmacology teaching, 37% preferred on case study and treatment discussion, while 32% preferred group discussion and 16% for quiz. Among the students 54% preferred text books only for studying pharmacology. Regarding the special topics to be discussed in pharmacology, 31% opted for paediatric pharmacology. The students have also suggested for clinical based teaching.

Conclusions: The results of present study can serve as positive feedback to make the teaching programme more interesting. A well designed and systematic prospective research needs to be carried out, so that students get updated every year. It can also pave way for a rational prescribing practice after acquiring a proper and updated knowledge about Pharmacology as part of the undergraduate teaching programme.


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