Can occupational exposure to antineoplastic drugs increase levels of an inflammatory trigger?

T. Kamalasundar, Padmaja Udaykumar, Prabin Shah


Background: Antineoplastic drugs (AND) are known to cause collateral damage to normal cells by oxidative stress. This study was conducted to check for oxidative stress in occupational exposure to these drugs using advanced oxidation protein products (AOPP).

Methods: Cross-sectional comparison of serum AOPP levels of 33 nurses occupationally exposed and serum AOPP levels of 30 nurses not exposed using modified AOPP method.

Results: Serum AOPP levels were significantly increased (p<0.001) in the exposed group (16.66±3.31) compared to the unexposed group (12.87±2.62).

Conclusion: This study highlights oxidative stress in the form of protein oxidation occurring in nurses exposed to AND.


Antineoplastic drugs, Nurses, Advanced oxidation protein products, Protein oxidation

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