Published: 2017-01-18

Reversible isolated thrombocytopenia: a rare adverse effect of diclofenac infusion

Divya G. Krishnan, Anukesh V. Keloth, Mohammed Faiz Akram


Diclofenac infusion is prescribed for acute painful and inflammatory conditions in intensive care. Thrombocytopenia is a very rare adverse effect of diclofenac infusion. We report a case of thrombocytopenia due to diclofenac infusion, occurring in a 32-year-old male treated conservatively for acute appendicitis. The thrombocytopenia recovered completely with the discontinuation of the drug. The rarity, clinical importance, and the diagnostic difficulty associated with this case prompted us to report it here.


Adverse effect, Isolated thrombocytopenia, Reversible, Diclofenac infusion

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