Evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of ethanolic extract of Momordica tuberosa leaves in experimental animals

Yasmeen A. Maniyar, Jayapradha Shivanand Totad


Background: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the anticonvulsant activity of ethanolic extract of Momordica tuberosa leaves (EEMTL) in a maximal electric shock induced seizure (MES) model in experimental animals.

Methods: A total of 30 albino rats of either sex weighing 150-200 g were randomly divided into five groups of six animals each. Group I received normal saline (0.5 ml), Group II received phenytoin sodium (25 mg/kg body weight) intraperitoneal, Group III, IV, V received different doses (100, 200, 400 mg/kg, respectively) of M. tuberosa leaves extract orally. Convulsions were produced in all groups by giving maximal electric shock of 150 mA for 0.2 sec after 1 hr of giving test and standard drugs. Tonic-clonic seizures were produced after giving an electric shock. Recovery time was noted. The period of tonus, clonus, and stupor were measured and compared between the control, standard and test.

Results: In MES model, EEMTLsignificantly (p<0.0001) decreased the duration of tonic-clonic seizures and recovery time.

Conclusion: M. tuberosa leaveswere shown anticonvulsant property in MES animal models.


Convulsions, Momordica tuberosa, Phenytoin sodium, Maximal electric shock, Anticonvulsant

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