Published: 2017-01-10

Corticosteroids used in dermatology: its utilisation and cost analysis study

Vijaykumar Lakshman Lamani, Aruna Bhushan


Background: Drug utilization studies are powerful exploratory tools to ascertain the role of drugs in the society; they create a sound socio-medical and health economics basis for making health care decision. The study focuses on factors related to prescribing, dispensing and administration of medication. The objective was to study prescribing pattern, duration of treatment and rationality of corticosteroids used in dermatology department and to evaluate the cost analysis of prescription.

Methods: A non-interventional prospective study was done in dermatology department for one and a half year. 807 inpatient and outpatient prescriptions with corticosteroids were collected. The data collected was expressed in terms of averages, ratios and proportions.

Results: Out of 807 patients, 300 were male and 507 females. Total number of drugs prescribed was 2231, with average number per prescription being 2.76. Drugs prescribed by generic name 69.3% remaining 30.7% were brand names. Total of 75.1% were prescribed from essential drug list. 65.1% were dispensed from hospital pharmacy and 34.9% from outside pharmacy and betamethasone was the most prescribed corticosteroid. In our study average cost of prescription was 167.72 INR. The average cost of corticosteroids per prescription was 42.87 INR and average cost of other drug prescribed with corticosteroids was 124.87 INR.

Conclusions: Use of corticosteroids drugs was found to be appropriate as per standard guidelines.


Dermatology, Drug use, Corticosteroids, Cost analysis

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