Innovative new method to test skill of bioassay in postgraduate students during doctor of medicine pharmacology examination using objective structured practical examination and animal experiment software

Naresh D. Balani, Prabodh Anant Wankhade


Background: Despite the guidelines for discontinuation of dissection and animal experimentation and introduction of use of alternatives to animal experimentation, Maharashtra University of Health Science, Nashik has not modified the exam pattern by shifting the emphasis on to use of animal experiment software. In one study on importance of bioassay in career, it has been reported that 96.6% did not use their knowledge of Bioassay during their 10 years of post MD career, whether in pharmaceutical industry or in academics. 16.6% feel that experiment on bioassay should be continued in the current state. 76.7% of them wish it to be modified to a dose response curve (DRC).

Methods: We have designed an innovative technique by combination of OSPE, mounting skill testing using simulation and animal experiment software. This technique serves the purpose of testing the skill of bioassay methodology in four postgraduate students receiving training. The animal was not sacrificed and not dissected in this technique.

Results: All the four test subjects could understand well about task to be done. The totals out of 140 were 87.5, 83, 70.5 and 55 respectively. The corrected marks out of 150 was calculated and shown in the table. 3 out of 4 passed in the examination as shown in observation table.

Conclusions: This method is good alternative to the traditional method of bioassay, as there is no need of sacrificing and dissecting the animal for the sake of this less important experiment.


OSPE, Simulated tissue mounting, Animal experiment software, bioassay, MD exam

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