Effect of Murdannia edulis Faden roots on serum prolactin level and mammary glands of lactating female albino rats


  • Kyaw Zwar Htoon Department of Pharmacology, Defence Services Medical Academy, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Khin Phyu Phyu National Poison Control Center, Department of Medical Research, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Tin Tin San Clinical Laboratory, No.2 Military Hospital (700-bedded), Aung Ban, Shan State, Myanmar
  • Khin Ohnmar Kyaing Department of Pharmacology, Defence Services Medical Academy, Yangon, Myanmar




Lactating rats, Mammary glands, Murdannia edulis, Serum prolactin


Background: Murdannia edulis (Stokes) Faden (Myit-Cho in Myanmar) is a herb which has widely been used to induce or increase lactation by ethnic groups living in Tamu township of Sagaing division in Myanmar. This study aimed to explore the effect of Murdannia edulis on serum prolactin level and mammary glands of the lactating female rats.

Methods: The type of the study was laboratory based experimental study. Thirty-six lactating dams were divided into six groups of 6 lactating rats in each group (n=6), namely group I (normal saline) as control, group II (5 mg/kg metoclopramide) as standard, groups III and IV (1 gm/kg and 2 gm/kg watery extract of Murdannia edulis), groups V and VI (1 gm/kg and 2 gm/kg ethanolic extract of Murdannia edulis), respectively. The extract and the drugs were orally administered from day 4 to 15 of lactation. At 16 days of lactation, the heart blood of lactating dams was collected under chloroform anaesthesia and serum prolactin level of dams was measured by using ELISA kit. The histological changes of mammary glands of the rats were also assessed.

Results: The significant higher serum prolactin level were seen in ethanolic extract 2 gm/kg body weight treated group when compared to control. Histology of mammary glands in ethanolic extract treated rats showed stimulation of lobuloalveolar cell development.

Conclusions: The lactogenic activity of the roots of Murdannia edulis may be due to promoting prolactin secretion and lobuloalveolar cell development of mammary glands.


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