Comparison of efficacy of methylprednisolone with dexamethasone in moderate to severe COVD-19 patients in a tertiary care hospital


  • Sahana M. Mogali Department of Pharmacology, Al-Ameen Medical College, Vijayapura, Karnataka, India
  • M. Faraz Qureshi Department of Pharmacology, Raipur Institute of Medial Sciences, Chhattisgarh, India



COVID-19, Methylprednisolone, Dexamethasone, Moderate to severe


Background: The aim was to compare efficacy of methylprednisolone with dexamethasone in moderate to severe COVID-19 patients in a tertiary care hospital.

Method: A retrospective observational study was conducted by collecting data of moderate to severe COVID-19 patients admitted to covid wards of a tertiary care hospital for a period of six months. Demographic data, information about SpO2 changes, duration of hospitalization, marker status and ventilation status were parameters collected and used to compare between two groups.

Results: Total number of patients in this study were 130. Out of which 65 patients who were on Methylprednisolone belonged to group A and 65 patients taking dexamethasone belonged to group B. In group A 56 (86.2%) were males and 9 (13.8%) were females. In group B 51 (78.5%) were males and 14 (21.5%) were females. Mean age in group A was 54.75±14.96 (age range b/w 25-80 years) and in group B was 55.43±15.83 (age range between 23-84 years). Patients in group A showed more presence of comorbidity (44.6%) as compared to group B (32.3%). Mean SpO2 level on day 1 in group A was 86.37±7.58 and in group B was 88.11±4.38. On day of discharge mean SpO2 level was 95.05±1.54 in group A and 94.63±2.09 in group B. Mean length of hospital stay in group A was 9.78±7.38 and in group B was 7.88±4.76. Improvement in marker status for group A was 100% and for group B 95.4%. Ventilation status in both groups showed 100% improvement.

Conclusions: Both steroids are effective in management of moderate to severe COVID-19 patients.


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