Assessment of safety and efficacy of Karallief® Easy ClimbTM, an herbal extract blend for supporting joint health: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial


  • Krishna Rajendran Karallief Inc, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Karen F. Vieira The Med Writers, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
  • Rajendran Ramaswamy Green Chem, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Robert M. Koffie Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ravikumar Rajendran Green Chem, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Trisha R. Berger The Med Writers, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
  • Ramachandra Bharadwaja Shetty’s Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Dheeraj Kumar Deep D2L Clinical Solutions, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Kudiganti Venkateshwarlu Ayur Life Health Solutions, Bangalore, Karnataka, India



Knee osteoarthritis, Herbal supplement, Natural treatment, Randomized clinical trial, Joint health, Joint mobility


Background: Osteoarthritis is common among the aging population worldwide. The current techniques to manage osteoarthritis focus on relieving pain and slowing the progression of the disease. Herbal or natural supplements have shown promise in achieving both these treatment goals. Two new proprietary herbal extract blends, Karallief® Easy ClimbTM (KEC) and herbal extracts with glucosamine (HEG), are combinations of several natural products shown to be effective in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. The current study tested the efficacy and safety of KEC and HEG versus a placebo control.

Methods: This is a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study. A total of 120 patients were divided into 3 groups and were given KEC, HEG and Placebo in the ratio 1:1:1. Treatment results were assessed using the 30 second chair stand test, WOMAC test, knee flexion test and joint space measurement using X-rays of the knee joint.

Results: The study found that the herbal supplements HEG and KEC significantly reduced osteoarthritis-related knee pain and increased joint mobility and were safe to use during 120 days of treatment. Both supplements resulted in an improvement in the 30 second chair stand test results, WOMAC pain scores, knee flexion, and joint space width as measured by X-ray, as compared to the placebo.

Conclusions: Natural supplements such as HEG and KEC improve knee osteoarthritis symptoms and can be a safe and effective treatment option for patients with osteoarthritis.


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