Comparison of clinical outcomes of inhaled formoterol or fluticasone versus formoterol or mometasone in the patients of bronchial asthma

Sharad Chadda, Mushtaq Ahmed, Tajinder Kaur, Prashant Singh, Amit Kumar Mehto


Background: This study was undertaken because of paucity of literature regarding outcomes of inhaled formeterol/fluticasone versus formoterol/mometasone in asthmatic patients.

Methods: Fifty newly (male/female) recruited cases of bronchial asthma were diagnosed on the basis of spirometry. The patients were allocated to two groups viz group A and B. Group-A received mometasone furoate/formoterol (200/10 μg OD) and Group-B received fluticasone/formoterol (200/10 μg OD) respectively. The drugs were administered through metered-dose inhaler (MDI).

Results: The mean FEV1/FVC ratio recorded (64.40±9.01) before starting the treatment has significantly changed to (68.92±8.58) after starting the treatment. Mean forced expiratory volume (47.56±14.73%) noted before the use of bronchodilator also changed to mean FEV1 63.98±15.17. Mean forced expiratory volume recorded before treatment (55.02±5.01) in a group who were treated with formoterol/mometasone combination changed to (72.06±5.86) after treatment. However, the mean forced expiratory volume recorded before treatment 54.92±4.47 in a group who were treated with formoterol/fluticasone combination changed to 75.48±5.03 after the treatment. While comparing the two treatment regimens, it is evident from the results that there is no significant difference in FEV1 between the groups. However, the post bronchodilator FEV1 was significantly (p<0.001) higher among the patient group which were treated with fluticasone/formoterol combination than the group who were treated with mometasone/formoterol combination. No significant adverse effect of either of two regimens was observed thus showing that both the combinations are comparatively safe for use.

Conclusions: This study reveals that both the treatment regimens showed a significant improvement in lung functions without any significant adverse event.


Fluticasone/Formoterol, Mometasone/formoterol, FEV1, Bronchial asthma

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