A study on efficacy of ambroxol in the treatment of acute bronchitis in tertiary care hospital


  • V. Jaya Wardhani Department of Pharmacology, Dr Patnam Mahender Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Chevella, R.R District, Telangana, India
  • Nagawaram P. Rao Department of Pharmacology, Dr Patnam Mahender Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Chevella, R.R District, Telangana, India




Ambroxol, Bronchitis, Efficacy, Oxygen saturation


Background: Upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), including acute bronchitis, are the frequent health problems and the most common reason for acute cough in adults. Even though the infections are caused mainly by viruses, and their course is usually not complicated, febrifuges, i.a. mucokinetics, or antitussives are used in the treatment of URTI in order to improve the quality of life and safety of patients.

Methods: The present study was prospective and observational study. Data from adult patients treated with ambroxol hydrochloride for acute bronchitis were collected and compared with data from patients treated for the same condition without ambroxol preparations. The severity of bronchitis symptoms was evaluated with the respiratory rate, retraction score, wheezing score and oxygen saturation (SPO2) between visits patients conducted self-observations and filled out observation diaries. Baseline clinical symptomatolgy of breathlessness, cough, and sputum severity scoring were compared before and after 3 and 7 days of treatment in both groups.

Results: Majority of the patient’s infections were cured. Most of patients considered the studied drugs to be the agent decreasing the duration of infection and its intensity. The percentage of patients who declared that they had a less intense cough than during earlier infections was higher in the group of patients treated with ambroxol treated patients. Patients treated with Ambroxol hydrochloride to be very safe.

Conclusions: Ambroxol is an efficient, well-tolerated, and safe drug. Its efficacy in the treatment of acute bronchitis symptoms in adult patients is similar to the efficacy of other preparations.


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