Use of information technology in healthcare sector for improving outcomes


  • Rohini A. Patil Terna Engineering College,Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra,India
  • Anant D. Patil2 Plasma Medical Services


Information technology, Healthcare promotion, Awareness


With revolutionary success of internet and mobile usage in India, use of information technology for healthcare promotion by pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare sectors is increasing. Information technology provides an unlimited opportunity for promoting correct healthcare practices for prevention of certain diseases, providing information for maintaining health and other suitable information to the expected target audience. Information technology provides numerous advantages including extended reach, quick dissemination of facts, providing unlimited amount of information and also eliminates the need of large number of manual resources. There is enormous potential for improving the awareness about healthcare through digital media and information technology. However, with its increasing usage, there are some challenges, responsibilities and precautions which need to be considered while using information technology as a resource for healthcare promotion. This article discusses the use of information technology in healthcare promotion along with the challenges in its usage.


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