Pattern of drug utilization in pediatric out patient department of a tertiary care teaching hospital


  • Rekha M. B. Department of Pharmacology, RRMCH, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Hemamalini M. B. Department of Pharmacology, RRMCH, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Basavaraj Bhandare Department of Pharmacology, RRMCH, Bangalore, Karnataka, India



Prescribing, Pediatric, Outpatient, Tertiary care


Background: Drug utilization studies have special significance among paediatric age groups as infant and children represent about 42% of the population in developing countries. This is the vital period of rapid growth and development. Therefore, drugs should be used very cautiously and rationally among these sub groups. The present study is conducted to analyse the prescribing pattern of drugs in paediatric age group for various illnesses.

Methods: It was a prospective observational study, conducted in paediatric outpatient department of Raja Rajeswari medical college and research hospital for a period of 6 months after obtaining approval from institutional ethical committee. Descriptive statistical was used to determine the frequency, percentages, mean and standard deviation.

Results: In the present study, fever (30.8%) followed by respiratory diseases were most common diseases seen. The commonly used drugs include antipyretics (66%), antimicrobials (53.6%), cough syrups (34.4%), antihistaminic (31.2%) and nasal decongestants (23.2%). Prescribing indicator shows existence of polypharmacy. Prescribing drugs by generic name was seen only in 8.1% and 47.82% of the drugs were prescribed from EDL. The frequency of use of injectables in our study was 5.8%.

Conclusions: Irrational use of antibiotics and polypharmacy needs to be curbed. Prescribing drugs in their generic name and prescribing drugs from EDL need to be promoted. The present prescribing pattern can be improved by advocating rational drug prescribing, patient education and improving hospitals.

Author Biography

Rekha M. B., Department of Pharmacology, RRMCH, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Associate professor

Dept of pharmacology




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