A cost variation analysis study of various bisphosphonates preparations available in the Indian market


  • Sushma V. Naidu Department of Pharmacology, Oxford Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Vibha Rani Department of Pharmacology, Malla Reddy Medical College for Women, Hyderabad, Telangana, India




Bisphosphonates, Cost ratio, Cost variation, Essential medicines, Pharmacoeconomics, Price variation


Background: Osteoporosis is a chronic disease leading to weakened and porous bones which increases the risk of fractures. It is a treatable condition using drugs like bisphosphonates. There is wide variation in the cost among various brands of bisphosphonates in the Indian market, so the objective of the study was to analyse cost of different brands of bisphosphonates.

Methods: Cost of both oral and injectable bisphosphonates in the same strength and dosage forms was obtained from CIMS India (January-April 2019). For oral form of the drug, price was calculated per 10 tablets, for injectable form the price per ampoule or vial was calculated and cost ratio, percentage of cost variation was calculated.

Results: 15 different formulations of bisphosphonates were analyzed and it was found that cost ratio is found to be highest with 60 mg of pamidronate injection and lowest with 10 mg alendronate tablet, also pamidronate 60 mg injection has highest percentage of cost variation (9632%) and lowest cost variation is seen with 10 mg alendronate (35%). Cost ratio of 11 formulations was found to be very high which was >2 while percentage of cost variation of 11 formulations was found to be more 100.

Conclusions: This study concludes that there is wide variation in cost of various brands of bisphosphonates in India. The huge price variation creates unnecessary burden leading on the patients resulting in noncompliance which increases the risk of morbidity and mortality. Therefore, there is an urgent need to regulate the cost of various formulations of bisphosphonates which will reduce the financial burden on the patients.

Author Biography

Sushma V. Naidu, Department of Pharmacology, Oxford Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Department Of Pharmacology

Assistant professor


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