Topical ciprofloxacin induced ocular toxicity: case report


  • Uttiya Deb Department of Pharmacology, Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, Burdwan, West Bengal, India
  • Soumya Ray Department of Ophthalmology, Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, Burdwan, West Bengal, India
  • Supreeti Biswas Department of Pharmacology, Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, Burdwan, West Bengal, India



Ciprofloxacin, Ocular symptoms, Ocular toxicity


Ciprofloxacin is a commonly used fluoroquinolone group of antimicrobial which is used for treating infective conditions like community acquired pneumonia and urinary tract infections. A patient of cataract was treated with ciprofloxacin eye drop as her pre-operative medication. She presented after four days with itching and redness in her right eye with swelling of the peri-orbital skin. We report this rare case where topical application of ciprofloxacin was responsible for the ocular symptoms.


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Deb, U., Ray, S., & Biswas, S. (2019). Topical ciprofloxacin induced ocular toxicity: case report. International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, 8(11), 2570–2572.



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