Evaluation of opioid sparing effect of dexmedetomidine and pregabalin using acute pain model in male wistar rats

Sudar Codi R., Sumina ., Uma N., Manimekalai K.


Background: Adjuvant analgesics are added to pain management regimen to reduce opioid consumption and minimise their side effect. Newer ones like dexmedetomidine and pregabalin have not been thoroughly researched. Objectives of the study to study the opioid sparing effect of dexmedetomidine and pregabalin using tail flick and hot plate method in male wistar rats.

Methods: Forty two rats were grouped into seven groups with six in each group. Analgesic activity was tested using tail flick, where in the reaction time to flick its tail on a heated surface was noted. In the hot plate method, the reaction time to withdraw or lick the paws when placed on heated surface was noted.

Results: The reaction time to flick its tail was prolonged with dexmedetomidine and pregabalin when combined with opioids even in sub therapeutic doses.

Conclusion: Adjuncts like dexmedetomidine and pregabalin can be very usefulĀ  in mutimodal pain management and also to reduce the opioid consumption.


Dexmedetomidine, Hot plate method, Pregabalin, Tail flick method

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