Published: 2019-06-24

Drug utilization study in the paediatric department of a tertiary care teaching hospital

Ananditha Sharma Kopparthy, Sowmya Kaniganti, Ravikumar Chodavarapu


Background: Rational drug use is one of the main concerns of the health care system in India. Paediatric population being more vulnerable require additional focus to achieve this goal. Objectives of the study were to evaluate the prescription patterns according to WHO guidelines and the diseases, for which they are being prescribed, to identify the common diseases and common medications used.

Methods: A cross sectional study was done in the paediatrics department for a period of 2 months. All the paediatric prescriptions were evaluated using WHO core indicators like average number of medicines per encounter, percentage of medicines from the essential drug lists and also complimentary indicators like utilization of different dosage forms and diagnostic patterns. Statistical Analysis: Data was analyzed and represented as frequency (n) and percentage (%).

Results: 89 out of 302 prescriptions had 2 medicines per encounter, 100% of medicines were included from the Essential Drug List (EDL), 59.4% of the medicines were in generic format of prescription.

Conclusions: This study gives a positive outlook at the utilization pattern of drugs with all the indicators specifically Essential Drugs List. Regular auditing, continuous medical education and evidence-based medicine can help in improving the health care.


Drug utilization, Paediatrics, Prescription pattern

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