Potentially inappropriate prescribing in elderly: a comparison of Beers and STOPP criteria in tertiary care

Akanksha Mathur, Prashant C. Shah


Background: Prescribing in elderly is a challenging task as they have age related physiological changes, various co-morbidities, altered pharmacological properties and higher propensity for adverse events. They are often prescribed medications which are potentially inappropriate for them, sometimes may even be unnecessary. The medicines are considered as inappropriate if the risk associated with them outweighs benefits. The objective of this study is to assess the prevalence of potentially inappropriate medications (PIM) at a tertiary care teaching hospital according to the Beers updated 2015 criteria and STOPP criteria and to compare the two criteria in detection of PIMs.

Methods: A prospective observational study involving 228 elderly patients (>65years) of medicine wards was conducted from October 2015 to March 2016. Relevant information was recorded in a predesigned proforma. The use of potentially inappropriate medications is assessed using Beers updated 2015 criteria and STOPP criteria using descriptive statistics.

Results: The prevalence of PIM use in the sample was 26.31% according to the 2015 Beers criteria and 14.03% using the STOPP criteria. The most prevalent PIM according to the Beers criteria were sliding scale insulin (17.54%) and long acting benzodiazepines (5.26%); according to the STOPP criteria, they were aspirin in heart failure (5.26%) and chlorpheniramine (3.07%).

Conclusions: The prevalence of PIM varied when different criteria were applied. The 2015 Beers criteria identified more PIM than the STOPP criteria.


Beers criteria, Geriatrics, Potentially inappropriate medications, STOPP criteria

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