Pharmacoeconomical evaluation of hypertension with diabetes mellitus in a teaching hospital in urban Bangalore


  • Rajat Rana Department of Pharmacy Practice, Gautham College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 560107, India
  • Alekhya Modupalli Department of Pharmacy Practice, Acharya & B. M Reddy College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 560107, India
  • Aneena Suresh Department of Pharmacy Practice, Gautham College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 560107, India
  • Mamidi Santosh Department of Pharmacology, Gautham College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 560032, India
  • Anusha B. Department of Pharmacy Practice, Gautham College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 560107, India,
  • Sourav Trivedi Department of Pharmaceutics, Gautham College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 560032, India



Pharmacoeconomics, Medication, Cost, Hospital


Background: This study was conducted to evaluate Pharmacoeconomics involved in Hypertension with Type II Diabetes in a tertiary care teaching hospital in urban Bangalore.

Methods: The study was conducted among the patients admitted to Inpatient ward of Dr B.R Ambedkar Hospital diagnosed with Type II Diabetes with Hypertension. The data was collected using prevalidated questionnaires which were specially focused on Direct Cost, Indirect Cost & Intangible Cost. The data was analyzed using SPSS version 20.

Results: The overall mean number of hospitalization days was 5.86 ± 0.39. Mean Medication Cost was recorded as Rs 2752 ± 219.7. This study also observed that mean laboratory investigation cost were 447.6 ± 19.66., Travel expenses Rs 584±163.9, Food cost was Rs 324.8 ± 26.90 & lost wages were 1402 ± 150.5. The correlation coefficient was highest between food cost and traveling expenses as 0.88 whereas least between lab investigation and lost wages as 0.001. Thyroid profile test was the costliest test prescribed overall.

Conclusions: This study concludes that the there is a huge economic burden on the patient from the lower income group. Medication cost and diagnostic cost are among the major factors that accounts for the total health care cost.


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