Assessment and evaluation of drug information services provided by drug information centre at a multispecialty hospital in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

Krishnaveni K., Kameswaran R., Sumitha S. K., Achsah Susan Sajan


Background: To evaluate the performance of Drug Information Centre (DIC) in providing quality drug information services to the health care professionals.

Methods: It was a prospective study carried out for a period of six months (June-November 2017). The drug information services provided by the pharmacist at the DIC during ward rounds, direct access, telephone and mail were documented in the drug information request and documentation forms. The quality of drug information provided was assessed with the help of feedback questionnaire which was filled by receivers.

Results: A total of 283 queries were received, with a maximum from ward rounds 140(49.47%). On evaluation, it was found that most of the queries were from physicians 207 (73.14%) followed by nurses 33(11.66%), pharmacists 26 (9.18%), patients 17 (6.07%). Among that 178 (62.89%) queries were received from department of general medicine. Most of the queries were intended to update knowledge 110 (38.86%) and for the purpose of better patient care 90 (31.81%). The time frame for an authentic reply ranged from minutes to 24 hours, where a maximum of 110 (38.86%) queries had sent a 24 hours deadline. The majority of the queries were for adverse drug reactions [ADR-60 (21.20%)] and most preferred resources were primary 188 (66.43%).

Conclusions: The DIC has always presented and offered itself to be an impressive resource, which is used routinely as an information source by all levels of professionals involved in the health system, in addition to the patients themselves.


DIC, Drug information services, Drug resources, Health care professionals

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