Evaluation of anxiolytic activity of aqueous extract of Nerium oleander flowers in albino rats


  • Shashikala G. H. Department of Pharmacology, JJM Medical College, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • Shilpa B. N. Department of Pharmacology, JJM Medical College, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • Mansi J. Shah Department of Pharmacology, JJM Medical College, Davangere, Karnataka, India




Anxiolytic, Actophotometer, Elevated Plus Maze, Nerium oleander


Background: Anxiety has become a very important area of research interest in psychopharmacology as it affects one-eighth of the population worldwide. Benzodiazepines are still the most commonly used drugs for anxiety despite a number of side effects.

There is a need for newer antianxiety drugs with increased safety and efficacy, hence this study was undertaken to evaluate the anxiolytic activity of Nerium oleander flowers.

Methods: Aqueous extract of Nerium oleander flowers (NA) was prepared using soxhalet apparatus. A total of 24 Albino rats aged 8-10 weeks of either sex weighing about 100-150g were obtained and divided into 4 groups of 6 rats each. Group I: Normal saline 10mL/kg. Group II: Diazepam 2mg/kg Group III: NA at a dose of 200 mg/kg Group IV: NA at a dose of 400mg/kg. The anxiolytic activity of Aqueous extract of NA was tested by elevated plus maze and digital actophotometer models. Data was analysed using one way ANOVA followed by Posthoc Tukey’s test.

Results: In EPM model, the NA at 200, 400mg/kg doses showed that the number of entries and time spent in the open arms were increased significantly as compared to the control animals. (p<0.001). In Actophoptometer model, two different doses of NA (200 and 400mg/kg) showed a dose-dependent decrease in the locomotor activity, when compared to the control animals (p<0.001).

Conclusions: Both the doses of aqueous extract of Nerium oleander flowers (200mg and 400mg/kg) possess anxiolytic activity and could be used as a new approach to treat anxiety.


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