Published: 2016-12-28

Attitude of medical students towards the use of audio visual aids during didactic lectures in pharmacology in a medical college of central India

Mehul Agrawal, Rajanish Kumar Sankdia


Background: Students favour teaching methods employing audio visual aids over didactic lectures not using these aids. However, the optimum use of audio visual aids is essential for deriving their benefits. During a lecture, both the visual and auditory senses are used to absorb information. Different methods of lecture are – chalk and board, power point presentations (PPT) and mix of aids. This study was done to know the students’ preference regarding the various audio visual aids, with an aim to improve their use in didactic lectures.

Methods: A questionnaire-based observational study (annexure-1) in all the medical students of 3rd, 4th and 5th semester MBBS attending theory classes in the department of Pharmacology in Chirayu Medical College, Bhopal was conducted.

Results: In our study, as a whole, majority (87%) of students preferred a combination of audio visual aids during a didactic lecture. Ninety seven students participated in the study out of which forty students (41%) were male and fifty seven students (59%) were female. Students told that the lectures using mix of aids were well organized and the lecture contents were well informative. As compared to blackboard the lectures taken on PowerPoint were clearly visible and well audible to all the students of the classroom. Majority 67% (n=65) of the respondents were interested in taking notes during class and preferred mix of aids, although 33%, (n=32) students preferred hand outs, if available, over self-written notes.

Conclusions: In our study we found that students preferred mixture of audio visual aids over other teaching methods. Teachers should consider the suggestions given by the students while preparing their lectures.


Audio visual aids, Power point, Chalk and board, Mix of aids

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