Drug utilization study in outpatient ophthalmology department of government medical college, Nellore, India


  • Naveen Choudary Gorantla
  • Lalitha Hanumanthu Department of Pharmacology, ACSRGMC, Dr. NTRUHS, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India




Drug utilization, Generics, Ophthalmology, Outpatients, Prescriptions


Background: Drug utilization studies are an important part of rational use of drugs. This study was planned to assess drug utilization pattern in Ophthalmology outpatient department.

Methods: After approval from Ethics Committee, 620 prescriptions were analyzed according to WHO drug indicators.

Results: 2. 4 drugs were prescribed on an average per prescription. Antibiotics (49%) were the most commonly used drugs. Fluoroquinolones (54%) were frequently used. Topical route was preferred route of drug administration. Prescription of generic drugs was not optimal (13%). Duration of therapy was missing in many prescriptions.

Conclusions: Generic prescribing can be improved. Duration of therapy should be mentioned in all prescriptions.


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