Published: 2018-04-23

Drug utilization study in diabetic patients seeking medical treatment in a north Indian rural medical college hospital

Shweta Sharma, S. C. Chopra, D. K. Sharma, Juhi Singla, Vinod Kapoor


Background: Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease and its life-long management causes burden on lifestyle and financial condition of the patients. Drug utilization studies provide useful insights into the current prescribing practices.

Methods: To evaluate the drug utilization pattern of anti-diabetic drugs in diabetic patients. A prospective observational study was carried out in adult diabetic patients visiting the Wards and Outpatient Department of General Medicine of a tertiary care hospital. The demographic data and utilization of different classes of anti-diabetic agents as well as individual drugs were analyzed.

Results: In 125 patients (Male-65, Female-60), a total of 379 drugs (average 3.032±2.05) were used per day, out of which 76 (20.05%) were rational fixed dose combinations (FDCs) and 261 (68.86%) were prescribed from National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) 2015. The number of drugs prescribed to be ingested was 326 (86.01%) and 63 (16.62%) were injectables.

Conclusions: It was found that the prescription tendencies of the doctors were quite rational. More improvement can be done by sensitizing them to prescribe more drugs from NLEM. The limitations in the affordability of rural population should be taken care of while prescribing drugs for this chronic disease.


Anti-diabetic drugs, Diabetes mellitus, Drug utilization, National list of essential medicines

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