Published: 2018-02-22

Differential genotypical expression of a NEDD9 in normal and tumor tissues: a possible pharmacological target

Pavan Kumar G. S., Krishna V., Prabahkar B. T.


Background: Neural precursor cell expressed developmentally down regulated-9 (NEDD9) is a scaffolding metastatic marker protein in multiple cancer types. Generally, the expression occurs during the embryonic development and depletes in adults. Expression of NEDD9 in adults leads to the progression of tumor which is sufficient for the cellular invasion. Elevated behavior of the gene mediates metastatic movement which includes protease dependent neovessel formation, invasion and migration of tumor cells from the site of origin to the distant tissues.

Methods: The current study involves the screening and elucidation of differential expression of NEDD9 in normal and tumor subtypes with various tissues of mice by immunohistochemistry.

Results: The validating approaches in the study, low expression of NEDD9 was observed in the normal tissues and predominance in the tumor subsets.

Conclusions: The experimental analysis proven that NEDD9 expression is merely associated with tumor progression and the molecular mechanism of NEDD9 is restricted in the establishment of metastatic cascade. NEDD9 association in tumor prognosis which helps in the emergence of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.


Angiogenesis, Diverse tissues, In-vivo tumor, Immunohistochemistry metastasis, NEDD9

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