Drug utilization study in OPD of a tertiary care hospital in a rural area of Jalna, Maharashtra, India by using WHO prescribing indicators

Shruti Chandra, Imran Nawaz Khan, Mohd Mateenudin, Ajay Chandrakapure, Syed Maaz, Faheem Mubin


Background: Drug utilization studies (DUS) are used as potential tool in the evaluation of healthcare system. DUS are conducted to facilitate the rational use of drugs in populations. The indicators of prescription in practice measure the performance of health care provider in several key dimensions related to appropriate use of drug. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to analyze the prescription written by doctors in a Tertiary Care Hospital in rural area.

Methods: Present study is a cross sectional, prospective and observational study. The study was conducted in a rural tertiary, teaching hospital at JIIU’s Indian Institute of Medical Science and Research, Warudi, Taluka Badnapur from January 2017 to September 2017 for duration of 9 months. Data was obtained from 300 prescriptions. Data was analysed as per WHO prescribing indicators.

Results: Average number of drugs in the present study was found to be 2.85. Percentage of drugs prescribed by generic name is 13.48%. Percentage of encounters with an antibiotic prescribed 60%. Percentage of encounters with an injection prescribed 4.33%. Percentage of drugs prescribed from essential drugs list 72.91%.

Conclusions: These types of studies help to design policy for rational use of drugs and motivation of physician for rational use of drugs.


Drug utilization studies, Essential drugs, WHO prescribing indicators, Polypharmacy

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