Published: 2016-12-23

Study on the safety profile of Latanoprost and Timolol in primary open angle glaucoma

Sharadashri Rao, P. V. Narayanan


Background: Topical beta blockers, Timolol and the prostaglandin F2α analogue Latanoprost are the most common prescribed medications as first line therapy. Their safety profiles have to be compared to justify the same. The objectives of this study were to compare the safety profile of Latanoprost with that of Timolol in the treatment of primary open angle glaucoma.

Methods: In this randomized open label 12-week study, 60 patients were randomized to receive either 0.005% of Latanoprost once daily in the evening or 0.5% of Timolol twice daily. Their safety was concluded by monitoring their adverse effects during follow-up visits at 2, 4, 6, and 12 weeks.

Results: Bradycardia was seen only in Timolol group whereas ocular adverse effects such as periocular pigmentation, the growth of eyelashes, and conjunctival hyperemia were seen only in Latanoprost group. Ocular discomfort was present equally in both the groups. Foreign body sensation was seen in both the groups, but it was more frequent in Latanoprost group. The blurring of vision was predominantly seen in Timolol group. Corneal anesthesia was seen in one of the patients on Timolol.

Conclusions: The incidence of adverse effects was not significantly different between Latanoprost and Timolol therapy. Both had favorable safety profiles. However, Latanoprost has safer systemic side effects profile when compared to Timolol. 


Beta blocker,Intraocular pressure, Prostaglandin analogue

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