Published: 2016-12-23

Evaluation of prescribing indicators in prescriptions of private practitioners in Kolkata, India

Pragnadyuti Mandal, Shirsendu Mondal, Anjan Das, Musfikur Rahaman, Manab Nandy, Swapan Jana


Background: To assess the prescribing indicators in prescriptions of private practitioners in Kolkata.

Methods: In the observational, retrospective, cross-sectional survey, 1830 prescriptions of private practitioners were collected over a 5 years period and assessed using core prescribing indicators as per the World Health Organization “How to investigate drug use in health facilities” tool.

Results: Overall the average number of drug per prescription was 3.05±0.91. No drug was prescribed by generic name. Prescriptions with an antibiotics and injections were 30% (549/1830) and 8.12% (149/1830), respectively. Drugs prescribed from essential drug list (EDL) were 29.38% (1640/5582).

Conclusion: Poly-pharmacy, lack of generic prescribing, low rate of prescriptions from EDL is the present prescribing scenario of private set-up based practitioners of Kolkata. Regulation and intervention is required to improve the irrational prescribing practices.


Prescribing indicators, Prescription, Private practitioners

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