Published: 2017-08-22

Dental students’ perceptions and feedback on teaching and learning pharmacology

Amit P. Patel, Savitri Katlam


Background: There is a shift in the teaching learning process with the advent of newer methodologies. The present study was conducted to obtain feedback from 2 year dental students regarding teaching and learning methodology and their perception about pharmacology.

Methods: This was an observational, cross-sectional questionnaire based survey. A self-designed questionnaire containing 10 questions with 4-6 options regarding the teaching and learning methodology was given to 2nd year dental students. Responses was collected and data was compiled in Microsoft excel and statistically analyzed.

Results: A total of 97 students participated in this survey. Students opinion revealed that, Gastrointestinal followed by general pharmacology and cardiovascular system were the most favorite topics. Majority preferred studying from “standard text books” and method of learning was “understanding” of the subject rather mugging. Majority of the students said that preferred lectures taken via LCD projectors and rated viva and MCQ as preferred method of evaluation university exams. Interactive classes and tutorials were the most preferred techniques.

Conclusions: The study concluded that interactive classes and overhead /LCD based lectures should be inculcated in routine learning and teaching program of pharmacology. There is a need to qualitatively assess the various teaching and learning methods, so as to understand students views and their perception for improving teaching and learning pharmacology. The outcome will help us to modify and improve quality of under graduate dental pharmacology teaching and learning.


Dental, Learning, Perception, Pharmacology, Teaching

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