Published: 2016-12-23

Cost analysis of different brands of antianginal drugs available in India

L. Akila, R. Jamuna Rani


Background: Ischemic heart diseaseis the most common cardiovascular disease in developed countries such as United States and Angina pectoris is the most frequent among them. If not managed adequately angina results in significant morbidity and mortality too due to the complications. Antianginal therapy is lifelong. Therefore, analysis of the price of drugs used in ischemic heart disease will help to improve patient compliance.

Methods: Prices of various antianginal drugs of different strengths and combinations marketed by different companies was obtained from current index of medical stores. The variation between highest and lowest price of the same medication manufactured by various pharma companies and percentage variation in price for ten tablets was calculated.

Results: In India, percentage variation in price for antianginal drugs was found to be: tablet isosorbide dinitrate (5 mg) 250%, glyceryltrinitrate (6.4 mg) 24.44%.

In calcium channel blockers group, tablet amlodipine 10 mg shows maximum price variation of 1045%, closely followed by 5 mg of amlodipine with a variation of 1040%, while 120 mg of diltiazem shows the least variation of 262%. In beta-adrenergic receptor blockers group, tablet atenolol 50 mg shows maximum price variation of 563%, whereas 100 mg of extended release metoprolol shows the least variation of 42%.

Conclusions: To increase the benefit to the patient and reduce drug in compliance, doctors should be trained to be familiar from internship period itself about the brand names of cost-effective drugs with good safety profile for a long period.


Antianginal drugs, Cost analysis, Branded drugs

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