Published: 2017-06-23

A prospective study of lornoxicam as pre-emptive analgesic in abdominal surgeries in tertiary care hospital in Salem, India

Mohammed Ziauddin Sarkhil, Hemant Kumar Dutt, Rajaram S.


Background: Preemptive analgesia, involves the introduction of an analgesic regimen before the onset of noxious stimuli, with the goal of preventing sensitization of the nervous system to subsequent stimuli that could amplify pain.

Methods: To determine the efficacy and safety of Lornoxicam when administered preemptively by using Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating scale. The patients undergoing abdominal surgery were randomly categorized into group A and B of 25 each. Group A- Received Lornoxicam 8mg (1ml) one hour before surgery. Group B- Not received any analgesic before surgery. Primary measurement of the efficacy was done by using Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale at 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 hour. All parameters were analyzed by using student t test.

Results: Surgeries which were included in the study are hernia repair, open appendectomy, laparoscopic (appendectomy, cholecystectomy). Reduction in pain scores at 12th hourly and 24th hourly pain scores (<0.05) was significant. Tramadol usage decreased significantly with laparoscopic surgeries.

Conclusions: In this study we could demonstrate that lornoxicam when used preemptively reduces the pain score slightly and reduces the requirement of post-operative analgesics significantly.


Lornoxicam, Preemptive analgesia, Wong-Baker faces pain rating scale

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