Profile of multi drug resistant (MDR) and rifampicin resistant TB patients treated under category IV of RNTCP

Pravin Uike, Prabhakar Hiwarkar, Vilas Malkar, Ketan Aswalle


Background: The emergence of resistance to drugs used to treat tuberculosis (TB) and particularly multidrug resistance TB (MDR-TB) has become a significant health problem and obstacle to effective TB control in India. Present study was conducted to study clinical and sociodemograohic profile of MDR and rifampicin resistant TB patients registered for treatment under RNTCP in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra state.

Methods: All drug resistant (MDR and rifampicin resistant) TB patients residents of Yavatmal district, treated at DOTS plus site with Standardized Treatment Regimen (STR) from 1st quarter 2009 to 3rd quarter 2013 were included. Data was obtained from electronic treatment register maintained at DOTS Plus site.

Results: There were total 60 confirmed MDR and rifampicin resistant TB patients from Yavatmal district. Male patients (65.00%) were comparatively more than females (35.00%). Almost half (46.67%) of the patients belonged to the productive age group i.e. 30-45 years followed by another one third (35.00%) in the age group of 15-30 years. 93.33% patients were previously treated under RNTCP (under CAT II), out of them 48.51% were failure, 37.50% relapse and 14.29% defaulter.

Conclusions: Among MDR and rifampicin resistant TB patients, maximum patients were males, belonged to the social and productive age group, HIV negative and previously treated due to treatment failure.


MDR-TB, Rifampicin resistant, RNTCP Category IV, STR

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