Effect of vitamin A supplementation in category-I Pulmonary Tuberculosis patients in a Medical College in India: a rapid assessment analysis

G. Sujatha, M. Dhanasekaran, Syed Shuja Qadri, S. Jeevithan


Background: Tuberculosis is one of the major health problems affecting the global population causing immense morbidity and mortality. Studies have shown that a good antioxidant status of the body has immune protective role against tuberculosis and may be associated with a decreased risk of the disease and slower rate of progression. Objective of the study was planned to evaluate the beneficial effects of Vitamin A as add on therapy to the standard drug therapy in patients with sputum positive pulmonary tuberculosis.

Methods: The study was done in a Tuberculosis clinic, Department of Internal Medicine, Stanley Medical College for duration of 6 months. All the newly diagnosed sputum positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients (18-55 years) attending the outpatient were taken for the study purpose. A Phase III, prospective, open, two arm parallel group, outpatient, randomized, active controlled study was done.

Results: After two weeks of therapy, the number of patients with negative sputum smear was higher in the study group than the control group. Vitamin A supplementation resulted in an earlier elimination of tubercle bacilli from the sputum.

Conclusions: This study shows that vitamin A as add on therapy to the existing standard therapy improves the clinical response and decreases the disease activity to a greater extent than with routine standard therapy alone.


Anti-oxidants, Tuberculosis, Vitamin A

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