Efficacy and tolerability of atorvastatin as add on therapy in the treatment of chronic stable (moderate-severe) asthma for a duration of 8 weeks


  • Sunil Nettath Department of Pharmacology, Karuna Medical College, Palakkad, Kerala, India


Atorvastatin, Chronic stable asthma, Immunomodulatory, Inflammatory, Pleiotropism


Atorvastatin, lipid lowering agent has a well established safety profile both in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Statins role as anti inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects what is called pleiotropism of statins is being explored and tried in the treatment of various diseases like asthma. Here this study highlights the efficacy and tolerability of atorvastatin as an add on therapy in the treatment of chronic stable asthma .this study concludes the statistical significance of atorvastatin 20mg dose as an adjuvant in chronic stable asthma.


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