Role of piracetam on cognitive function in epilepsy and with antiepileptics in rats

Siddharth R. Chaudhari, Priti P. Dhande, Vijaya A. Pandit


Background: To study extent of cognitive impairment by epilepsy & antiepileptic treatment and evaluate the role of piracetam on it.

Methods: 48 animals were divided into 6 groups: I-Control, II- Topiramate, III-Topiramate+Piracetam, IV-Valproate, V-Valproate+Piracetam, VI-Piracetam. Baseline cognitive functions were measured using Cook’s pole climbing apparatus (CPCA) and Elevated plus maze (EPM). In CPCA, on completion of training, number of avoidances (NOA) out of 10 trials were noted while in EPM, transfer latency (TL) was measured. Kindling was induced by 30mg/kg Pentylenetetrazol (PTZ), i.p. to all groups (except Group I) on alternate days till seizures developed. Groups were treated with respective drugs orally for 21 days and cognitive functions measured again.

Results: Significant decrease in NOA & increase in TL was observed after PTZ kindling. Topiramate further significantly impaired NOA and TL whereas Valproate significantly reduced NOA in CPCA but increase in TL was not significant. Treatment with Piracetam significantly increased Topiramate, Valproate and PTZ kindling induced decrease in NOA as also significantly reduced Topiramate and PTZ kindling induced increase in TL.

Conclusion: Seizures are associated with cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment caused by Sodium valproate differs from Topiramate. Piracetam, a known nootropic can be used in alleviating cognitive impairment associated with epilepsy & chronic antiepileptic therapy.


Cognition, Pentylenetetrazol, Kindling, Topiramate, Valproate, Piracetam

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