Published: 2017-01-18

A comparative study of the effect of drotaverine hydrochloride with hyoscine butylbromide in first stage of labor

Kumkum Srivastava, Parul Sinha, Rakhee Sharma, Uma Gupta


Background: Prolongation of labor is one such dilemma that every obstetrician tries to avoid. The ultimate aim of the obstetrician is to accomplish the delivery in the shortest possible time without compromising maternal and fetal safety. Prolonged labor often ends up in great suffering to the parturient because of dehydration, confusion, and infection. This study aims to compare the efficacy of drotaverine hydrochloride with hyoscine butyl bromide for increasing the rate of cervical dilatation and to compare their duration of labor.

Methods: This was a prospective interventional study conducted on 60 women who were randomly allocated to Group I, which was control group, women in Group II were injected hyoscine butylbromide one ampoule (20 mg) and the women in Group III were injected drotaverine hydrochloride one ampoule (40 mg) intramuscular at 3 cm dilatation of cervix. The data collected was statistically analyzed using SPSS version 15.

Results: When compared to Group I (control group), Group II and Group III took lower time for all the three stages of labor. However, intergroup difference was significant only for Stage I (p<0.001). However, no significant difference was observed between Groups II and III (p=0.964). A significant difference among group was observed in total duration of labor too (p<0.001). Between group comparisons for Stage II and Stage III did not show a statistically significant intergroup difference for any of the comparisons (p>0.05).

Conclusions: The finding in this study suggested a significant impact of both the drugs in first stage as well as total duration of labor as compared to control group. However, no significant difference between two study groups was observed. Thus, both drotaverine hydrochloride and hyoscine butylbromide could effectively reduce first stage as well as total duration of labor.


Drotavarine hydrochloride, Hyoscine butyl bromide, Duration of labor, Stages of labor

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