Published: 2017-01-10

Anti-rabies vaccination induced hepatotoxicity - a case report

Rajashekar Yenneholekoppalu Rajegowda, Nagashree Belvangla Nanjappa, Narasimhamurthy Kalenahally Muthahanumai


Anti-rabies vaccination plays a pivotal role in decreasing the incidence of rabies, a deadly zoonotic viral infection. Adverse effects are significantly reduced and administration became ease on substitution of conventional neuronal vaccination with new non neuronal one. Hepatotoxicity is mainly attributed to many chemicals and drugs, but not so for vaccinations. Here is an isolated case of hepatotoxicity, observed in an old lady, who was administered post exposure anti-rabies prophylaxis treatment .Causal relationship found was probable with widely used standard methods. Her course of the disease was uneventful and her clinical and biochemical status returned back to normal. So anti-rabies vaccination could be hepatotoxic and hence looked for it during its administration.


Anti-rabies vaccine, Hepatotoxicity

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