Spurious drugs: do we neglect during our clinical practice? a systematic review

E. Manivannan, V. Sivasankari


Spurious drugs are those manufactured by concealing the identity of the true ones. It forms one of the largest growing markets in India. The aim of this review is to create an awareness of the prescribing doctors that substandard or fraudulent drugs are widely prevalent and it is in our doorstep during the regular practice. The duty of the prescriber is to identify these drugs, share the information’s to the fellow colleagues and avoid them from prescribing. It is the role of the physicians to intimate this information to the patients also who consumes these drugs due to lack of awareness as like food products which are consumed as an adulterant one. We the health care professionals carry the duty of identifying these spurious drugs being manufactured and marketed by unlicensed or licensed pharmaceutical companies which are hazardous to our patient’s health. All the data’s about this misbranded drugs are gathered from Journals and related websites from 2000-2016, thereby complied to reveal the present situation of spurious drugs. The Government of India has taken steps to implement Cosmetics Act 1940 and special courts are set up for speedy disposal of these related cases. Also the Government in its part announced the “Whistle Blower Scheme” to encourage the public to be vigilant and report the widespread infiltration of spurious drugs in the market and to receive the cash reward for this information.


Cosmetics Act 1940, Fraudulent drug, Spurious drugs, Whistle blower scheme

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