Wound healing suppressant effect of vincristine reversed by vitamin A: an experimental study

Venkatadri T. V., Afzal Khan A.K.


Background: Use of antineoplastic drugs pre and postoperatively have shown to adversely affect the healing of surgical wounds. Vincristine is an antineoplastic drug with a wide range of antitumor activity. Prior studies have demonstrated that vincristine impairs skin wound healing.

Methods: In this study we investigated the effect of vitamin A on vincristine induced suppression of healing in two wound models, viz: incision and dead space in rats. Hydroxyproline (measure of collagen) was estimated colorimetrically and breaking strength of the wound and granulation tissue was measured.

Results: Vincristine (60 mcg/Kg intraperitoneally, on the 3rd wounding day) significantly reduced breaking strength in both incision and dead space wound models. Vitamin A (5000 I.U, Subcutaneously on alternate days) by itself did not alter any of the parameters studied but reversed the suppressant effects of vincristine on wound healing.

Conclusions: Vitamin A by itself produced little effect on healing except a modest increase in granulation mass. But it significantly reversed the healing suppressant effects of vincristine.


Wound healing, Vincristine, Vitamin A, Antineoplastic agents

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