A cross-sectional observational study on knowledge, attitude and practices about indiscriminate use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance among medical doctors at Sapthagiri Hospital, Bangalore

Navya Teja K., Piyali Hazra, L. Padma


Background: WHO defines Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as “the ability of a microorganism to stop an antimicrobial from working against it”. The Global burden includes increased morbidity, prolonged illness and a higher mortality rate, along with economic burden. The cause can be tracked down to irrational usage of antibiotics and lack of awareness of rational prescribing practices.

Methodology: A cross-sectional questionnaire-based observational study was carried out using a standard pre-validated questionnaire, which was administered to all the medical doctors present in their respective departments during the study period, exploring their knowledge regarding rational antibiotic usage, their attitudes and awareness towards AMR. Informed consent from the participants was obtained verbally, and confidentiality assured. The collected data was analyzed as per descriptive statistics.

Results: Majority of doctors (91.3%) have a good knowledge and agree that indiscriminate use of antibiotics leads to antimicrobial resistance. 96.12% of doctors identify it as a global issue but only 85.5% consider it a problem in their hospital. Doctors (78%) have a positive attitude and do not prefer to prescribe an antibiotic for minor illnesses, but only 40% think it might contribute to antimicrobial resistance.

Conclusion: Our study has demonstrated that doctors have a good knowledge about the emerging problem of antimicrobial resistance, however a minor percentage of doctors fail to acknowledge this at the level of their own hospital. Regular updates on the local antimicrobial resistance rates & antibiotic stewardship might help to control the global issue of AMR.


Antimicrobial resistance, Antibiotic stewardship, Rational prescribing

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