Cefixime induce non convulsive status epileptics: a neurotoxic effect


  • Ankit Bhardwaj Department of Neuropsychopharmacology, Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Dilshad Garden, Delhi, India
  • Atma Ram Sharma Department of Radiology, GTB Hospital and UCMS, Dilshad Garden, Delhi, India
  • Sarla Sharma Department of Radiology, GTB Hospital and UCMS, Dilshad Garden, Delhi, India




Cephalosporin and seizure, Neurotoxicity and seizure, Antiepileptic drugs


Nonconvulsive status epileptics comprises a group of syndromes that display a great diversity regarding response to anticonvulsants ranging from virtually self-limiting variants to entirely refractory forms cephalosporins are thought to provoke seizure through inhibitory effects on gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) transmission and GABA receptors. Interference with GABA transmission result in pre-disposition towards excitatory neurotransmission, which can leads to seizures. Antibiotics can alter the serum concentration of anti-epileptic, resulting in seizures and anti-epileptic drugs toxicity.


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