A study to assess the therapeutic role of GM-CSF (EMGRAST -M) on augmentation of total leucocyte count and total platelet count in cancer patients after chemotherapy

Amit Kumar, Kusum Kumari, Priyanki ., Pranay Kumar Mishra


Background: The aim of the present study was to assess the therapeutic role of GM-CSF (EMGRAST -M) on augmentation of total leucocyte count and total platelet count in cancer patients after chemotherapy.

Methods: The total leucocyte count (TLC) and total platelet count (TPC) of thirty patients on chemotherapy were obtained before and after the administration of GM-CSF. The results were analysed retrospectively for the effect of GM-CSF on these parameters. Statistical analysis was done, and graphs were made by Libre office calc and Student’s T Test was used for comparison of data.

Results: The study showed that EMGRAST-M had an impressive effect on both the platelet count and the leucocyte count.

Conclusions: GM-CSF has a great therapeutic role in the enhancement of platelet count and leucocyte count in patients of cancer chemotherapy.


Chemotherapy, GM-CSF, Total leucocyte count, Total platelet count

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