Published: 2016-12-23

A study of anti-inflammatory activity of the benzofuran compound (3,4-dihydro 4-oxo-benzofuro [3,2-d] pyrimidine-2-propionic acid) in chronic model of inflammation

Lakshminarayana K., Umesh G. Wari, Suresh S. Kendri


Background: Benzofuran compounds are shown to have pharmacological properties such as antiarrhythmic, antidepressant, antifungal, and antibacterial activity. Some studies conducted on them have revealed that they are having anti-inflammatory property also. Hence, we carried out this study to know whether the benzofuran compound 3, 4-dihydro 4-oxo-benzofuro (3, 2-d) pyrimidine-2-propionic acid has got anti-inflammatory activity against chronic inflammation.

Methods: Wistar albino rats were treated with benzofuran compound under study and phenylbutazone in the dose of 100 mg\kg, orally with 2% gum acacia as suspending agent and the effects were observed in chronic experimental model of inflammation namely, cotton pellet induced granuloma model.

Results: In the present study, it was shown that the benzofuran compound under study has got significant anti-inflammatory activity against the chronic model of inflammation.

Conclusion: Our experiment shows that the benzofuran compound under study has got significant anti-inflammatory activity and may, as well become an additional anti-inflammatory drug if further studies are conducted in this direction involving human beings.


Benzofurans, Phenylbutazone, Chronic inflammation, Cotton pellets, Granuloma

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