Published: 2016-12-28

Screening of benzofuran compound 3-acetamido-2-p-anisoyl benzofuran for anti-inflammatory activity in acute models of inflammation

Lakshminarayana K., Umesh G. Wari, Suresh S. Kendri


Background: Benzofurans are colourless solid compounds which are derived from coal tar. They have been shown to have many properties which are relevant to the field of pharmacology. For example they have significant antibacterial, antifungal, antidepressant and anti-arrhythmic properties. In some of the studies carried out on them they have shown to have anti-inflammatory activity also. So this study was conducted to know if the compound 3-acetamido-2-p-anisoyl benzofuran has anti-inflammatory activity in acute inflammation.

Methods: The benzofuran compound understudy and phenylbutazone were administered orally to wistar albino rats in the dose of 100 mg/kg body weight, with 2% gum acacia as suspending agent and the effects were observed in acute models of inflammation viz, carrageenin induced rat paw edema, and turpentine induced peritonitis.

Results: The results of our study showed that the benzofuran compound under study has significant anti-inflammatory activity in both the experimental models of acute inflammation.

Conclusions: Results from our study show that the compound under study has significant anti-inflammatory activity and further detailed works with this compound in different doses are needed.


Acute inflammation, Benzofurans, Carrageenin, Phenylbutazone, Turpentine, Peritonitis

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