Dapsone induced photosensitivity in Indian women: a rare case

Yashika Garg, Rajeshwari Gore, Sourabh Jain, Arun Kumar


Dapsone, a potent antileprotic anti-inflammatory drug is used in treatment and prophylaxis of many dermatological and non dermatological conditions. Cutaneous adverse reactions to dapsone are uncommon ranging from mild maculopapular rash to fatal toxic epidermal necrolysis. We report here a case of 40-year-old, housewife treated for leprosy with paucibacillary multi drug therapy who presented with red itchy skin lesions over exposed areas of skin which worsened on exposure to sunlight. The patient was diagnosed as a case of dapsone-induced photosensitive dermatitis which was confirmed by improvement of symptoms on withdrawal of dapsone and recurrence of similar lesions on rechallenge with dapsone in reduced dose. Photosensitivity as adverse drug reaction to dapsone is rare and very few reports are available in the literature. 


Cutaneous adverse drug reaction, Dapsone, Leprosy, Photosensitivity

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